Written, directed & produced by Ivica Zubak:
2102 10 guds siffror / Remnants of a life (short) - Produced by: Alexander Rönnberg
2009 Dreams (feature)
2008 Pantera Kyssar (short film)
2007 Avsked, Tabu (short film)
2006 Kaffe och Sånt (short film)
2005 Jealous (short film)
2002 En Dags Skillnad (short film)
2002 Vid Bänken (short film)

Pruduced by Ivica Zubak
2010 Fuerteventura (feature), Directed by: Mattias Sandström
2010 Labyrinth Within (30 min) Directed by Pontus Lidberg

Biography of Ivica Zubak
Born in Slavonski Brod (Croatia). Attended a directing course at the University Collage of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm in 2005 and studied scriptwriting at Runo folk High School 2005-06. Studied at the Royal University Collage of Fine Art in Stockholm 2006-07.